CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS S.A. in the provision of its services of repair and maintenance of rotating electrical machinery, has as integral policy to provide security and confidence to its customers in the satisfactory fulfillment of all relevant technical specifications, special requirements and delivery deadlines; in addition to preserving the safety and physical and mental health of each of its employees, contractors, suppliers and other interested parties, through the implementation of programs for the management of electrical, mechanical and biomechanical risk, in order to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases; avoid damage to property and minimize the impacts generated to the community and the environment. All efforts are aimed at continuous improvement of missionary processes, safety management, occupational health and environmental management, with the purpose of obtaining benefits for the organization, satisfying the needs of customers, promoting ethical and moral principles among personnel to improve the quality of life and well-being of employees, their families, neighboring communities and society in general, and strengthening the aspects of corporate social responsibility.
To develop this policy, Central de Bobinados S.A., from the top management, is committed in all its work centers to:
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and regulations applicable to the company.
  • Allocate the human, technical and financial resources necessary for the implementation, development, maintenance and improvement of the management system, and thus promote healthy lifestyles and adopt measures to avoid the possession, consumption and/or sale of psychoactive substances such as cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and deterioration in the health of workers, collaborators and contractors; through the elimination of hazards, evaluation and reduction of risks generated in the development of activities, with the implementation of controls, and the participation and consultation of workers and/or their representatives.
  • Promote environmental protection and pollution prevention, controlling the significant environmental aspects associated with the company's activities, mitigating the environmental impacts associated with the consumption of natural resources and the generation of waste.
  • Prevent workplace harassment by promoting an environment of coexistence at work, in order to reject these practices and support the dignity and integrity of people at work.
  • Promote the development of values ??and attitudes that support human rights and promote the principles of equal opportunities at work and fair treatment for all people who are part of the company.
  • Respect workers' right to disconnect from work, at times outside their working hours, as well as during their vacations, licenses or breaks.
  • Generate a culture of ethics, social responsibility and compliance among all members of the organization to promote respect for values ??and standards of conduct, taking into account the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate zero tolerance for corruption and bribery, especially among senior and middle management.
  • Innovate the management system with a view to awakening workers' interest in participating proactively
  • Expand market coverage to other sectors of the economy such as cement, oil and hydroelectric plants, preventing the reduction of participation in the mining sector in the medium term.
  • Increase the productivity of the operation taking into account the decrease in market prices and the increase in raw material prices.
  • Improve SG planning aspects
  • Promote safety and health at work, in the development of missionary activities, aimed at continuous improvement
  • Promote environmental protection and prevention of environmental pollution
  • Promote good work environments, where integrity, equality and respect for human rights are respected.
Central de Bobinados S.A. seeks to promote the well-being of all its collaborators and employees, promoting a work environment and a healthy lifestyle, which contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the organization and social security, which is why it is committed to developing risk prevention strategies. consumption of alcohol, tobacco and hallucinogenic, psychoactive or intoxicating substances, with the participation of the different levels of the organization, based on principles of equality, confidentiality and equity.
In order to comply with the physical and mental well-being policy, it is established:
  1. Promote and disseminate the different prevention and control mechanisms that are established.
  2. The different leaders must serve as a channel for observing and listening to their collaborators, thus allowing the prevention and control mechanisms that are established to be effectively developed.
  3. Workers must have responsible and participatory behavior in awareness-raising actions that promote compliance with this policy.
  4. In cases where abuse and addiction of psychoactive substances is evident and with the consent of the worker, the respective referral will be made to their EPS so that the corresponding care can be determined there.