About Us

The beginning of CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS Inc. dates back to 1943, when BERGSNEIDER MAHIEU family, european immigrants, founded "ELME WORKSHOPS” in the city of Bucaramanga, a company dedicated to the activities of electricity and mechanics.

Later, the name changed to CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS, and then the company began to be managed by Walter Bergsneider Mahieu.

Afterwards, in 1984, it became CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS LTDA., and finally in 1993 the name changed to CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS Inc.

CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS S.A. provides repair and maintenance services of rotating electric machinery, manufacture of coils for low, medium and high voltages, repair and maintenance of power and distribution transformers. Right now our services cover the entire country.

The headquarter is located from its very beginning in Bucaramanga at 17ST # 17-18 and in August 2001 CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS SA, opened its doors in the city of Barranquilla, so in this way, we are closer to our customers in the north of Colombia. Nowadays, and It’s located at 30ST # 20-149.