CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS Inc. In the rendering of its services of repair and maintenance of rotary electrical machinery, has as integral policy to provide security and confidence to its customers in the satisfactory fulfillment of all the pertinent technical specifications, special requirements and deadlines of delivery; To preserve the safety and health of its employees, contractors, suppliers and other interested parties, through the implementation of programs for the management of electrical, mechanical and biomechanical risks, in order to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

Proper disposal of waste and the efficient use of energy resources prevent and mitigate the negative environmental and social impact.

All efforts are aimed at the continuous improvement of the processes, with the purpose of obtaining benefits for the organization, to satisfy the needs of the clients, to improve the quality of life of the employees, their families, the neighboring communities, the society in general , And prevent environmental pollution.

Top management will financially support all activities generated by the implementation, development, maintenance and improvement of the management system.

To develop this policy CENTRAL DE BOBINADOS Inc. Agrees to:

  • Comply with legal, regulatory and regulatory requirements applicable to the company.
  • Make an appropriate final disposal of the waste.
  • Maintain high standards in safety and health at work, environment and continuous improvement.
  • Prevent workplace harassment by promoting an environment of coexistence in the workplace, in order to reject these practices and support the dignity and integrity of people at work.


1. Deliver the works entrusted by our customers, taking into account the technical requirements and delivery time agreed.

2. Give quick assistance & answer to our customers service requests in site including all the information required.

3. Prevent the emergence of occupational diseases and work incidents.

4. Prevent the occurrence or progression of musculo-skeletal injuries in workers exposed to biomechanical risk factors.

5. Reduce the injures occurrence in workers and contractors exposed to mechanical and electrical risk.

6. Dispose solid and liquid waste properly.

7. Avoid waste in the use of natural resources.

8. Improve the working life quality, based on respect for human rights.

9. Improve the process performance continuously.

10. Assign financial, physical, technical and human resources to the development of a safety culture, occupational health and environmental protection.


Promote a healthy work environment for our employees and contractors, avoiding the use of alcohol, tobacco and hallucinogens, narcotics or psychoactive substances in job functions, inside and outside of the plant, or in the company vehicles or at its service.